How to setup Microsoft Outlook Step by Step Guide.

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Naive users face a lot of problems to set up Outlook with Google account (Gmail).

So here we are, to give you guy’s easiest steps to setup Gmail with Microsoft Outlook.

Let’s start.

Step 1. In your windows Operating System. Open Control Penal.

  1. Click on start button
  2. Type control panel in search box.

Step 2. In control panel window, in the right upper hand there is option “View by:” Click on drop down and select Large icon.

outlook setup

Step 3. Click on Mail (32-bit) the click on “Show Profiles…”


Step 4. Now click on “Add” button and Select



Step 5. Now write the name of profile and press ok.


Step 6. Now fill the details in the next form and then click on “manual setup” when click on “Manual Setup” upper form will be blurred and Click Next.


Step 7. Click on “POP or IMAP” option and click next button.


Step 8. Fill up the next Form.

For incoming server fill “”.

For outgoing server fill “”.


Step 9. On click “More Settings” a new window appears

  1. First choose “outgoing server ” Tab
  2. Then Choose “Advance” Tab.


In advance tab.

  1. Incoming server (pop3): use “995”
  2. Outgoing server (SMTP): use “465”
  3. Encrypted connectoin should ne “SSL”
  4. check the checkbox “encrypted connection (SSL)”.

Follow the yellow bordered options.



This is almost done, you just have to On POP option from Gmail.

Step 9. Login to gmail , and go to settings.



Step 10. In “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” Tab following options appears, check given options.

Enable POP for All mails. And save changes in the bottom.


Step 11. Now come back to mail 32 in control panel and click on “Test Account Settings….”


Step 12. If result is same as shown in following picture, then your Outlook is set correctly.


if you are facing any problem in this step then click here.

Step 13. Now Click close button.


Step 14. Now press “Next” and “Finish”. That set.


Step 15. Now open your outlook, most probably a prompt open that will ask for selection of account that you want to use.

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    This article seems very helpful for me, my Outlook get configured in one shot.

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