Scan a document without scanner or printer drivers in windows

Many a times, we come across a scenario where we need to scan some document and we do not have scanner or printer drivers installed on our computer and we helplessly google around to search for drivers for that printer or scanner which eventually you may or may not get based on several factors. So, what can you do in such a scenario.

Don’t worry Windows operation system comes with a powerful tool which can help you in such scenarios. Windows OS has an in-built program called “Windows Fax and Scan” which can help you in scanning or faxing a document without printer or scanner drivers.

Here are the steps with screenshots for your help on how to scan your documents with Windows Fax and Scan program

Step 1. Click “start” button and search for “Windows Fax and Scan”.

Click Start Button

Step 2. Many of applications will display in the list, but required application will be on the top of the list. Click on the application “Windows Fax and Scan”.

Search "windows fax and scan" in search box.

Step 3. Open the application and click on button “New Scan”.

Click "New Scan" button to Scan new document

Step 4. A popup will appears and now in that popup there are two option one is “Preview” and another is “Scan”.

Popup with Scan Options

Step 5. Click on “Preview” button it will scan the document and show you the preview of scan document.

Document Preview

Step 6. Click on “Scan” button now it will scan the document and now you can save this document as either an image or a pdf file.

Scanned Document

Step 7. Now right click on the Scan document and this popup will appears now click on “Save As” to save the scanned document.

Save As Sacnned document

Step 8. Now give a name to the document and save it.

Save Scanned document with spacific name

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