Scan a document without scanner or printer drivers in windows

Many a times, we come across a scenario where we need to scan some document and we do not have scanner or printer drivers installed on our computer and we helplessly google around to search for drivers for that printer or scanner which eventually you may or may not get based on several factors. So, what can you do in such a scenario.

Don’t worry Windows operation system comes with a powerful tool which can help you in such scenarios. Windows OS has an in-built program called “Windows Fax and Scan” which can help you in scanning or faxing a document without printer or scanner drivers.

Here are the steps with screenshots for your help on how to scan your documents with Windows Fax and Scan program

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Google Draw and Translate tool

Hi All,

Many times, you need to translate something or type in hindi or any other natural language. You go to google translator and try your best to find the exact word that will translate into your required word in another language but you don’t get exact output even after many trials. So, to overcome this, google also have another option called “Draw and Translate”. Its an amazing feature by Google translator.

According to this feature, You draw any character/words in any language and ask google to give the same exact character/word in text format. So, you don’t have to jog your mind horses. Heck, it will translate the drawn character/words to any language you want.

Let’s see how it works.

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How to copy the Formula generated cells into another Excel or Work Sheet

Hi All,

Many of Excel users are facing these types of problems. So we are trying to overcome these problems, in very simple language and Steps, so that nave user can easily understand.

Here are the steps to copy any formula generated cells into another Excel or work sheet. These steps may be helpful in your daily life or in Office work.

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